WOW I cannot believe it! 100,000 people have read my journey with sinus cancer. I couldn’t have imagined from my diagnosis 8 years ago what a wild ride lay ahead. A year later I started to write my story; and as it developed over the years it reached an ever expanding global audience.

Click here to see my original vlog immediately after I was told I had cancer and my eye would be removed

My story has been read around the world

My life changed in 2012.

What I thought was a blocked tear duct was actually a tumour growing from one of my sinuses (ethmoid sinus) which had invaded deeper into my face, absorbing the other sinuses, soft tissue and channels which connects the ear, nose and throat. 2 weeks later I sat in the consultants office and was told that this aggressive cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) would continue to grow rapidly and likely penetrate into my brain causing irreparable damage and then death, unless equally aggressive action was taken now.

“We will also have to take your eye orbit, surrounding tissues and your eye” he said slowly and grimly. What choice do I have I thought “what ever it takes” I said with a deep sense of knowing: I may die very soon, and I don’t want to die.

Read my story from the beginning

The work is not over

Knowing my story and indeed journey has been read by so many is an amazing feeling. Knowing that my experience has been used as a guide for people undertaking this emotionally crippling life changing cancer, but also showing them about my achievements and how I have dealt with disfigurement so defiantly has been a motivator for many to face their life again with their new face.

Every day there are hundreds around the world about to be told what I was once: Your life will never be the same because you have a cancer in your face. As the reality sets in and their attention is drawn to the internet hopefully they will find my story and draw some hope and light in their darkest hour. Life can go on.

The importance of acceptance

If you are reading this for the first time there is a good chance either you or someone you love has been told that cancer will leave you visibly different and there is no way around it.

You will desperate for answers, desperate for solutions, desperate for salvation.

I can help you. I might not have all the answers, and professional medical advice must always be followed, but once you accept what is going to happen I can offer you support from people who have been in your same position, and that is something that a doctor cannot do. Knowledge is power.

Get involved

Once you are ready simply join in and say hi on our Facebook page. It is completely hidden ensuring your privacy. (no one likes their private lives splashed over social media)

Once you have been redirected to the page, please take the time to answer the vetting questions, once accepted please post a quick intro about yourself. We will do the rest.

Thank you!

Finally a huge thank you to my family and friends who have supported me over the years, Thank you to the charities and media organisations who have been so incredibly supportive and instrumental in helping me promote my story.

Much love Dan


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