My name is Dan and I had cancer in my face.

My name is Dan. Until 2012 I lived a full life until sinus cancer appeared–and drastically altered the course of my life. After having much of my eye socket and face rebuilt out tissue from my back (and numerous nip and tuck procedures) I began the slow process of recovery.

I started chronicling much of my story and sharing my thoughts and feelings on social media.

I was overwhelmed by the support I received. I received messages from people all around the world and within only a couple of months my story had been read over 10,000 times. Seven years later it has almost reached 100,000! What is amazing was my story has helped and encouraged “normal” people face their own fears, but more importantly it has provided hope and encouragement to the people, families and friends who are going through the same horrendous ordeal. I have been focusing on reaching out and creating content that helps people who are suffering after major life-changes, and encouraging people to follow their dreams.

If you have just been told that you have cancer, that is bad enough. If you have been told you will also lose a facial feature because of cancer and be disfigured for life due to facial scars then I have been there.

This blog site starts with my story from the first symptoms, to diagnosis and then pretty much every surgery since.

Finding out that you are going to be a Dad on the same day you are shown a picture of a huge tumour growing behind your face is something most of the planet will never encounter, it happened to me!

I could never imagine what a journey this life changing condition would set into motion. I have tried to make it informative and entertaining. Here you will read and see pictures of specific plastic surgery procedures, and my opinions and experience.

Start by reading from the beginning by clicking here

If you are affected by cancer, especially facial, and you are worried, or have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in to touch, I am here, and have written this for you.

I run a group on Facebook. It is a closed group and is a great place to share your story, get advice and support from fellow sufferers and survivors. Search for “Facial cancer and disfigurement friends”


  1. Wow, so similar to our story! It’s the first I have seen where someone else developed the “new” hole in their face after the fact! Happy to see how well you are doing, gives us more hope than ever! Thank you.


    1. Hi monique,
      Thanks for commenting, hope you are well. I’ve now had the hole filled up, have you? I should be able to release this procedure onto the blog next month when it gets shown on tv in England…


  2. Hi Dan
    I have just watched Embarrassing Bodies. It was like a flashback to the past 7 years of my life and brought back so many memories (as many good as bad) that I just had to contact you. I had an eye cancer, underwent the exenteration and had the nose/socket communication (sneezing and snot flying out of your ‘hole’ etc), radiotherapy etc, and had an unsuccessful graft from the top of the skull before a two-stage forehead flap. I have a very similar philosophy in that i love my scars, and am just relieved to be cancer-free and not have a hole in my head any more. I think I might be able to help you with better eyepatches. My mum managed to create something amazing and she even made a special one for my wedding day. I would love to talk to you – I’ve never met anyone who has had such a similar experience! My email is and I am on Facebook.
    Best wishes to you and your family
    Anna Rowley


  3. What an easy and descriptive piece of writing! Of course, it was not easy for you to write everything down (I know it from my own experience). I am sure that many people in this world had or having the similar experiences, but all of us are so different! By writing and many of your deeds in helping others you have demonstrated to some of us that we should not crawl into the corners or hide behind the doors, but face it with a smile….

    Sincerely Natasha Reid


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