I recorded myself just after I was told I had cancer, I would lose my eye and I was going to be a dad again… watch it here…

You may be reading my story because you, or people you care about have just found out you have cancer. How do you capture that moment, should you capture that moment?

Whilst in the throne room I decided to do just that, I picked up my phone and contemplated what I had been told and how I was going to deal with it. This is a 10 minute recording of me at that precise moment.

Please click the link to take you to my YOUTUBE page.
My reaction to diagnosis of cancer and removal of my eye



    1. Hi Tom, thankyou for your kind words. Quite surreal finding this, knowing that your life is going to change and there’s nothing you can do…
      I totally forgot I did it, a real treasure.
      I hope you and yours are well


  1. Hey Dan I was wondering if there was any fragility involved with your eye area after they performed the surgery to attach muscle, skin, and the artery to close the hole you had? Like could you play a contact sport if you wanted, or did they tell you to be more careful or that the area is more sensitive to other areas of your body.




    1. Not at all. Once it was healed it was as secure and as fragile as any other part of your body. In fact it was not as painful as you would think as the facial nerve was severed. Sensation has now returned to that side of my face, apart from the skin from my back which has not attached nerves.


      1. That’s great to hear man. I’ve seen stories like yours and Alex Lewis’ and I always wonder if the new tissue (lips in his case) provide any functional issues.


      2. Alex Lewis’ story blew me away. That man and family have been through THE MOST horrific ordeal, but like me he has been public. Would love to meet him one day. I would imagine though that lip function would be affected as you don’t have the same muscle structures. Mine is a static replacement. What’s your specific interest in this subject?


  2. I have some scars on my face, not super noticeable but it bothers me quite a bit. I just think it’s great that people like you and him are leading mostly normal lives, are brave people and are in the public. It gives me hope that I can get through my issues and that if someday I were to go through something similar I could also pull through (getting older the randomness of life is quite alarming.) You are correct about his lips, but I just meant his main functionality is not limited (speaking, kissing, eating etc… he can still do those things) I do know they also connected veins to his new lips sort of similarly to the way they connected the eye patch to your veins for you. I think his lips are quite bulky because they included muscle from his body though. Anyway I saw your story on the scar free foundation site. There is some exciting research on scar free healing, and bioprinting replacement tissues. Alas you and I will likely be old men or dead when they become commonplace though. Oh well, soon people won’t have to deal with scars which will be great I’m sure someday they will even be able to print new eyes and lips. The first things will be cartilage though. Noses and ears, knee replacements. Next bone, then skin (with full function meaning pigment, hair follicles etc…, and finally simple organs like bladders then even kidneys and livers.


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