Me and My Beautiful Face

I had the honour of sharing my story with 6 other amazing and inspirational people on this incredible show.

You can watch it up on catchup on the channel 5 website or the My5 app, but here is a link to a short trailer

The comments and feedback have been amazing and we have all done this to not only raise awareness but to reach out to others that are going through something similar.

I have been contacted by people and concerned family members who thought they were the only ones, but you are not, there are many of us.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help, advice or friendship through your experience of facial cancer. Additionally search for my Facebook group “facial cancer family and friends” which is a private and secure group for people to support each other.

I am an Ambassador for some amazing charities, each with their own unique goal. The Scar Free Foundation are using pioneering technologies and research so achieve the unimaginable

“A world without scars in our lifetime”

What does that mean?

Imagine scar free healing was possible, they believe it is and it will change the world!

Read more here

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