Watch my surgery featured on Embarrassing Bodies!

I allowed the UK TV show embarrassing bodies to film the huge operation to transplant skin and muscle from my back into the eye orbit and takes up my story almost 18 months after my original diagnosis.

It didn’t go to plan and I was left with another huge scar down my face, but it worked (for the time being)

I have uploaded the episode to YouTube however some people may find that viewing it is “restricted in your country” so I would suggest searching for “Embarrassing Bodies season 8 episode 1” and see if you can find it online or on a catch up service




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  1. Are you on Facebook? I read a lot about cancer and found out that everyone has cancer in their bodies at some point, when a cell mutates and goes “rogue” usually a healthy immune system will fight these “rogue” cells and destroy them, but due to smoking, drinking, not eating dark green leafy veggies…some immune systems can’t destroy the “rogue” cells. Also cancer eats sugar and mucus (milk products) I also read that brussel sprouts literally explode cancer cells. Anyway, thought this might help you. I think the cure is in some type of concentrated brussel sprout cure. I would juice brussel sprouts (add fruits to make it taste better) and drink that. I had a few melanoma’s and drank kale, broccoli juice and they vanished. So as Dr. Oz has wrote, avoid anything that is a cancer agitator like diet sweetners, using plastic microwave containers, BPA water bottles…etc. (I’m not an expert, but these things would boost your immune system) Good Luck, praying for you and Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. 🙂


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