7 years

Where has that time gone?

The date now is the 1st of February 2019.

Today I am traveling home for a weekend back to my family which is the first time I will have seen them since Christmas.

At 41 years of age I have started a new career which takes me away from home for long periods of time, and I am sitting on a train looking at the pretty snow covered fields musing over the insanity of my life since 2012.

I was contacted by a journalist the other day, that alone I imagine would be quite a strange experience for anyone else, unless you have done something wrong, or are a celebrity? Of course I am neither, but it has become normal for me because for the last 7 years my life has been transformed, in every way you can think of.

On the same day I was contacted by the journalist I was messaged by someone who had read my story.This has happened so many times over the last 6 years (not 7 as I didn’t put pen to paper, or thumbs to glass as I do now for the first year) and by sharing my story with the world I have managed to connect with so many people who are lost, or losing themselves with what they are facing.

It has been said many times to me of how matter of fact I am about my experience, how emotionless despite the unthinkable things I’ve endured, how pragmatic I am…

So was it the end of my world? Did my life become unbearable? Did I think about suicide? Actually quite the opposite!

Were there moments I felt helpless? Were there obstacles in my way? Definitely.

I don’t mean to simplify things too much, I recorded a video of myself in 2012 talking about what was to happen and my thoughts and fears knowing and understanding the gravity of what was to come. I was shitting myself.

I got through it. So now what?

So much has happened and yet here I am with a life which many of my fellow cancer friends have had taken from them. I have been extremely lucky to be able to say – life goes on…

I mentioned I am starting a new career, one which brings sacrifices but reward. I have been a bit quiet on campaigning recently but this new job will provide flexibility for me to do much more, but I have to write off this year.. and if all goes to plan then 2020 will be the beginning of something special.

7 years by Lukas Graham is kind of appropriate it sort of looks back on life and then looks forward to the future… happy futures everyone! Listen to the song here


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