Today I launched a book (and I’m in it 🤫)

Who is Dreamy Books?

Lauren Busby is an aspiring children’s author who is looking to send some love and positivity into the world via her stories. Her debut title, ‘Woblin’, is due to be released on 17th November 2018.

Dreamy Books was established in 2018 by Lauren and her partner, Richard, to independently distribute this thought-provoking picture book. Although rather soul-destroying at the time, being rejected by a multitude of publishers and literary agents was the best thing that could have happened to Woblin, as it gave Lauren the luxury of having complete creative control over the project. After scrutinising various recommendations, Lauren instantly fell in love with the artistry of the award-winning illustrator Alex Foster and was overjoyed when he agreed to come on board. Alex has brought Woblin to life with such beautiful skill and detail that somehow surpasses even Lauren’s wildest dreams.

With Dreamy Books and Woblin, Lauren and Richard have consciously decided to avoid both “vanity publishers” and the obvious mega-corporation who monopolises online book distribution. We will initially only be selling Woblin via our website and some specially selected independent retailers (details to follow), in order to support local businesses.

Being a teeny, tiny publisher with enormous dreams means that we need your help! Please help us spread the word of Woblin via your social media!

Spreading positivity one verse at a time.

It was so lovely to catch up with our dear friend, Dan Jackson. Not only is Dan one of our esteemed speakers for Woblin’s launch night, he also has a cameo in the book itself!

To give you a brief backstory, Dan was diagnosed with facial cancer in 2012. This lead to him having his right eye and some facial tissue removed. I honestly could not even begin to comprehend how I would cope in such a tremendously brutal situation, but I witnessed Dan tackle it with such dignity, strength and positivity, it was a million miles beyond inspiring.

Dan has since become ambassador of various charities including @changingfacesuk, The Scar Free Foundation and YMCA and is active within the facial cancer community, providing support for others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Another thing that has really stood out to me over these past six years is, even at such a challenging and life-changing time, Dan never lost his sense of humour. I have always known Dan to be the most fun-loving social butterfly and, even in the depths of his treatments, his sparkling personality always shone through.

I messaged Dan and asked him if we could feature him in the “We all have our own differences” pages as his story epitomises the spirit of Woblin: it’s what’s inside that really counts. Although Dan’s physical appearance has altered significantly, he has never let this define who he is as a person.

I asked Dan if we could illustrate him in party mode with his eye patch firmly in place and I am so, so pleased he agreed to it as he looks awesome!

Behold! “Disco Dan” in all his yellow-suited glory! Be sure to look out for him in the book ☺️💚

Buy your copy today from The Dreamy Book Store

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