Public speaking

I don’t mean to be arrogant. It had to happen one day and today was it. Finally I got asked to speak at an event!

It was my absolute pleasure to be a key speaker at the launch of The Scar Family which is a fundraising platform supporting charities which specialise in scars and burns. People who have had to deal with disfigurement.

It is a subject close to my heart.

So, I always fancied myself on stage. I admit it.

I have no drama or acting skills, I have a memory like a goldfish, and I wear an eyepatch…

So an eyepatch is my constant.

On this evening I have to present to over 100 guests, so I made the obvious choice to talk about


“We all wear a mask, metaphorically speaking….”

Ah what a movie, I used that line in my talk too!

The feedback after was phenomenal, and the Scar family was able to raise a huge amount of money on the night, Lois (the creator of Scar Family) messaged my afterwards

Hello Daniel, 

Thank you so much for speaking, your speech was very touching and inspiring.

The event was well attended and as a guest speaker on the night, you played a significant role in the success of the evening. We’ve raised so far £4380 which is a great amount and hopefully will help The Scar Free Foundation with their research and projects.

I am so proud to have helped with this launch and I look forward to seeing the next Scar Family fundraiser for an amazing cause.

Follow the Scar Family on instagram


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