Look at me and ask one question!

First impressions count, right?

The main life changing thing which cancer did was to cause me to look different, Disfigured if you like.

An “acquired” disfigurement in my 30’s means that for me I never grew up with it, so I didn’t have to endure the disruptive childhood, the name calling, bullying, the emotional distress of being different when all you want is to be loved and accepted.

When what you see in the mirror becomes your nemesis, what do other people see when they see you?

Eye 2 Eye – The social experiment

I was approached some months ago to participate in a “social experiment” for BBC3 channel in the U.K.

They wouldn’t tell me too much about what it was about as the experiment results would be affected. It had to be a surprise. Oh, and it’s being filmed in Birmingham New Street train station, one of the U.K.’s busiest train stations.

Sit down with a complete stranger, say nothing, keep eye contact for 5 minutes, when the bell sounds, ask one question…

Do I go naked?

I use my eyepatch to cover my modesty, just like a pair of Calvin Kleins!

I can saunter around the house naked but if someone knocks at the door, the panic of “where is my eyepatch” is overwhelming.

So, this experiment was a huge challenge for me, but eclipsed by the panic of the only thing going through my head up until the bell rang.

What the fuck am I going to ask her

Watch the YouTube video here


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