Will die because I can’t douche when I’m old?

Ah it’s a rare thing to share tales of personal grooming especially when you talk about a douche bottle.

Facial cancer is a wide ranging genre of cancers, throat cancer to oral cancer , nasal cancer to eye cancer, skin cancer….and the list goes on.

I had cancer of the ethmoid sinus which is completely baron of reason or logic, but it happened.

It took my eye and probably over 30 corrective surgeries, I have honestly lost count!

I have made many friends along the path of my journey with cancer, most of them head and neck patients and for the most part we share the same problem. Douching.

When someone has a cancer concentrated around the middle of the face, external or internal it will mean extreme surgery. The result is seen externally but what you don’t see is the change within the face. Add a 30 day dose of radiotherapy and things get from bad to crazy.

The human face is a spiders web of vessels and channels, nerves and ducts. You only learn this when you have facial cancer.

Radiotherapy is a huge part of this, it kills the functions of the inner face, as well as the cancer itself.

Imagine this. A perfect network of roads, but then simultaneously they all disappear. The flow of traffic still comes and there is nowhere to go, and it builds and builds. That is what happens in my face, but there is a solution.

Douching is the only way to alleviate the problem.

A douche bottle or sinus rinse is the only way I get through a day. Without it I cannot function.

We are not talking about congestion like having a cold, this is something else.

Now, I have written my story in a way that is readable, and I have considered this topic for a long time. No one else has ever spoken about this and now I want to make it BIG!

Before I get to the fun stuff I will explain more about the process.


Only douche in the shower, life is just better that way.


Don’t leave it too long between douching, I’ve been caught out with gunk falling out of my face too many times. It’s embarrassing. Life is better that way.


Clean up after yourself. Life is better that way 👍

Some days it is a simple matter of a half dozen flushes, but once in a while it is like trying to get the tracking probe out of Arnold Schwarzeneggers nose in the scene from Total recal. When that happens it is like giving birth. It hurts but it is a proud moment.

It was occurred to me that this method of cleansing is going to be with me for the rest of my life. What will happen when I am old? It is a reality that the inability to douche or in fact douching could in fact play a critical part in my death.

I want to compile a network of information to help me and the many others affected to bring some real understanding and solutions to this ticking time bomb.

So to reach out to as many people as I can I have created a unique challenge.

It’s called Doucheit for facial cancer. It maybe a challenge beyond most people’s comfort zone but nethertheless it could be as successful as the ice bucket challenge…

I have created a Facebook page for people to share their experiences and videos.

Here is a link to my introduction to the challenge

Let’s raise awareness, be a support for each other. Let’s Doucheit!<<<


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