5 years clear!

Having cancer is life changing and life taking. This is a mile stone, and boy has it gone quick!

This year I celebrate the five year check point which marks my journey with cancer is now over!

Having cancer is like being a goldfish. 

Five years is a long time for a goldfish. Confined in a tank. You become grateful of a few crumbs to keep you going, as the word outside move on. You can dream of being free, but the reality is it can go belly up at any time!

I want to save people from the life of a goldfish and set them free!

The prospect of being “flushed down the toilet” is real if you are told you have cancer. A lone fish is vulnerable. The odds of survival are massively increased in a shoal. 

Together they are strong

I have spent the last 5 years trying to help people like me. I have written this blog, appeared on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Charity ambassador. I’ve even met Royalty. 

Writing this story, and documenting my life I had been pushing towards something, but never really knew what I was trying to do. Help the next person maybe? Make the best of a bad hand?

What does the future hold, where is this all leading to?

I have to make my experience count, it isn’t what happened – it is my life!

I want to create my own charity. A foundation?

How or what at this time was a whirlwind of ideas. 

It wasn’t until I met someone at a charity event I was attending and they put me in touch with Matt, who deals with corporate image and branding. 

Be clear about what you do and deliver it in a unique way

With this simple advice I quickly found that the best advice was indeed the hardest (as I tore up every idea I had)!

life outside of the goldfish bowl…. 

Deciding to take action is the first step. 

Taking action is the next. 

I am creating a charitable foundation that has one purpose. 


Cancer affects so many people in so many unique ways, how can I help anyone in a unique and personal way?

I have created The Daniel Jackson Foundation  provide a visual and measurable difference for people (and families/friends/carers) who are affected by cancer. 

The truth is I nor any other charity can presume to know what an individual really needs. 

This is why I believe in giving people a choice. 

Let’s shoal together and support people with cancer. Let’s show them we are coming together for them, and whatever they need is helped in some way. 

The process is simple:

NOMINATE anyone who you feel needs support, or let’s face it needs a break from #cancernow

CREATE something for them. My foundation will help you to achieve. 

DONATE direct to the individuals cause, as I will. It is our goal to be the first in the hat to get things going. 

You can do anyone or all of these elements to make a difference. The choice, as always is yours. 

Your donation to my fundraising page will be used to give directly to real people. 

I have coined a few hashtags for you to follow my journey 

#cancernow – cancer is real, people need help now!

#notforresearch – I want to be clear, I do not fund “research” just good old fashioned giving to real people because…

#reallivesmatter – many people courageously raise money for “cancer charities” that say things like “donate to help children like…” The truth is not one penny goes to real people. I want to raise awareness of this, and start giving hope to real people

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Follow these links to support me, A big principle I have is knowing where your donation goes… My answer is simple. Every penny you donate goes to someone that needs it. Please donate to gofundme.com/43kekco

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