Help me! I could use some! 

Having cancer is life changing and life taking. 

This year I celebrate the five year check point which marks my journey with cancer is now over!

Having cancer is like being a goldfish. 

Five years is a long time for a goldfish. Confined in a tank. You become grateful of a few crumbs to keep you going, as the word outside move on. You can dream of being free, but the reality is it can go belly up at any time!

I want to save people from the life of a goldfish and set them free!

The prospect of being “flushed down the toilet” is real if you are told you have cancer. A lone fish is vulnerable. The odds of survival are massively increased in a shoal. 

Together they are strong

I have spent the last 5 years trying to help people like me. I have written this blog, appeared on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Charity ambassador. I’ve even met Royalty. 

I had been pushing towards something, but never really knew what I was trying to do. It wasn’t until I met someone at a charity event I was attending and they put me in touch with Matt at who deal with branding and business image. Matt kindly gave me some time and gave me a bit of direction. 

Be clear about what you do and deliver it in a unique way

With this simple advice I quickly found that the best advice was indeed the hardest (as I tore up every idea I had)!

I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to make a difference doing something charitable. It had always been the goal, the big picture… life outside of the goldfish bowl. 

Deciding to take action is the first step. 

Taking action is the next. 

I am creating a charitable foundation that has one purpose. 


I am raising money to provide a visual and measurable difference for people (and families/friends/carers) who are affected by cancer. 

The truth is I nor any other charity can presume to know what an individual really needs. 

This is why I believe in giving people a choice. 

Let’s shoal together and support people with cancer. Let’s show them we are coming together for them, and whatever they need is helped in some way. 

The process is simple:

NOMINATE anyone who you feel needs support, or let’s face it needs a break from #cancernow

CREATE something for them. My foundation will help you to achieve. 

DONATE direct to the individuals cause, as I will. It is our goal to be the first in the hat to get things going. 

You can do anyone or all of these elements to make a difference. The choice, as always is yours. 

Your donation to my fundraising page will be used to give directly to real people. 

I have coined a few hashtags for you to follow my journey 

#cancernow – cancer is real, people need help now!

#notforresearch – I want to be clear, I do not fund “research” just good old fashioned giving to real people because…

#reallivesmatter – many people courageously raise money for “cancer charities” that say things like “donate to help children like…” The truth is not one penny goes to real people. I want to raise awareness of this, and start giving hope to real people

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