Dear friends new and old, I have something to share with you…..

I have had a unique insight into many lives affected by cancer.

My story stands on its own, but is just one of thousands. The sad reality is that we will all be affected  by cancer within our lifetime.

My fight, my journey, my desire to make what happened to me a beacon of hope for others has been my passion .

If you are reading this now for the first time then maybe stop and read from the beginning, but either way read on as what I have to say, what I aim to create will change lives.

I have laid myself bare in public for one reason. I need to help the next person. The need to help has grown, and as such I have been thinking how to make a real difference for everyone affected by cancer.

I am pleased to announce that I intend to do just that. I do not have the financial means but I have the desire. I am going to launch my own foundation dedicated to helping people affected by cancer.

I see everyday and everywhere research charities asking for support. Billions are raised for these charities, and not one coin is spent on supporting people with cancer now.

This is the aim of my foundation, help anyone affected by cancer piece by piece.


Please donate to my crowdfunding page;

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