To inform is to educate.

I was diagnosed with facial cancer in 2012 at the age of 34.
It was the most terrifying time of my life. Knowing you have to survive a stage 4 cancer and as a result would be made grossly disfigured is an ordeal most people cannot get their head around.
I hope to change lives for the better and so I have made it my life to share my story and reach out to others going through their own living nightmare.
I work closely with a fantastic charity called Lets Face It which for 30 years under the stewardship of its founder Christine Piff has provided support and friendship to sufferers of head and neck cancer and disfigurement.
The message is clear, you are not alone, together we can face the world once more.
The challenge of raising awareness and support is ongoing and I believe that educating our children is important. The aim is to show that we are all different, and particularly if you look different, and that we all have feelings and a right to a happy life.
I made arrangements to visit The Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate, a large secondary school to introduce ourselves which was made possible by Mr Todd who is a teacher at the school.
He assembled the Hever form who were just amazing! In a huge modern sports hall they listened to Christine and I speak with total attention and respect.
We spoke about our stories, who we are, what we do.
We had a power point presentation showing people like us from all ages, sex and race and spoke about their stories, but how normal they are too.
It would be expected that the kids would be bored or not see any relevance in what we
had to say but the reaction was quite the reverse.
They asked thoughtful and respectful questions and what was more amazing is that they were empowered.
Several kids came to us at the end and said they wanted to help LFI and they would make LFI their charity of choice which means that any charitable events would he held in our honour!
As part of the assembly Christine and I had the honour of handing out the awards for great work and behavior, and we was delighted to be presented
with our own award from the kids!
Mr Todd and I spoke after with the head teacher who was equally enthused and promised a long relationship with LFI and between them came up with the yearly sports day event of the “Lets face It –  race!”
Christine attended the sports day with fellow friend, sufferer and supporter Gill and were proud to hand out the winners awards.
As a charity has to support itself and in LFI’s case raise awareness it is so important to keep up the momentum and keep engaging with people.
You can do it too! LFI aims to speak to as many schools around the country as possible.
We can provide presentations on any scale, to a complete year or indeed school but also small focus group led sessions.
Can you help us with your own school? Whether you are a pupil or a parent we need your help!
We are creating a team go into schools and talk and educate . If you are interested in being a part of the LFI champions team then please do not hesitate to contact Christine or myself. It is a truly rewarding experience you will love and will be helping raise awareness and some much needed money to continue supporting people with head and neck cancer who needn’t be alone, Lets Face It together.
Thanks again to the pupils and teachers at The Royal Harbour Academy for your amazing support13702437_979874075465007_1542157897_o

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