Wonky face

Today I said goodbye to my annoying other half. I only ever see wonky face in pictures or in a reflection in the mirror.
I am wonky face.
It almost 4 years since my original surgery and I hope this is my last surgical procedure EVER!
4 years ago around this same date I had geared myself up for 1 huge operation and within 3/4 months I would be recovered and allowed to get on with my life… If only I knew then what I know now! I obviously wouldn’t have changed anything as to do that would be to do nothing, and doing nothing with cancer is a death sentence.
Anyway, moving on. Since my big operation 2 years ago which you may have seen on Embarrassing Bodies (Season 8, episode 1 if you can do a catch up or look up in this blog my article “a time for reflection before the big day” and “latimus dorsi free flap”) I had been left with a swollen cheek which you would expect from having your face opened up but it left a pocket which was really  noticeable when I smiled. My lip had also dropped causing irritation when eating and drinking. I was wonky face and I didn’t like him.

So after much consideration of the hassle and inconvenience of undergoing ANOTHER operation, I said this will be the last one. I’m bored now, bored of hospitals, bored of wonky face.

So this morning I was up when the world was still sleeping making the 3 hour journey to the hospital, then going through the tedious questionnaires whilst the world was enjoying their breakfast.
So at this moment I thought I should take a selfie, because that’s what the rest of the world will be doing (well most of my friends are posting their trout pouts as soon as it’s daylight anyway)
Niall my surgeon had already had a go at my make up


So that was it, ready to hit the theatre and impress the anaesthetist by recalling my name and date of birth (for the 10th time today) and take the opportunity to tell them that my son was also born in Christmas day…..zzzz

So I wake up which is always a bonus and have a feel… Yep bandages…. Check.
Give it a bit of time for the anaesthetic to wear off, wobble to the toilet for another selfie


So now I post the pics to my  Facebook book which alerts my 1000 friends and family that I am in London for another operation. I hope I don’t come accross ungrateful but that is too many likes and comments to acknowledge back individually!

So I make camp in my bed, laptop open, working away with my phone alert going off every 2 seconds. It’s distracting, and I got on the train of thought of posting this very blog post. So back I go to the toilet to take the bandages off for another selfie (the kardashians have a lot to answer for)
So good bye Mr wonky face, hello scar face!



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