“Cancer is a brutal killer. One day you may have to say goodbye and leave your most loved people in your life forever, because of cancer. It is in that moment that you truly fathom the gift of life, and how precious every moment is”

I have been a campaigner for cancer since my diagnosis. I have raised money for charities I am passionate about and this time I am undertaking a 140 mile boat race. At night!

Saturday 29th August 2015

It is probably the most challenging thing I have ever done, a marathon seems easier somehow, at least you can walk if you can’t run. 140 miles at sea… I get seasick too, I’ve got a few quid on my fundraising site, and would love to see that reach 4 figures. Read more, learn about the charity I am doing this for and  give what you can. Thank-you xx
Donate to Sail 4 Cancer