Embarrassing Bodies



For the benefit of my overseas readers Embarrassing Bodies is a popular medical themed TV show in the UK. It features real life stories and medical conditions that are unusual or indeed embarrassing.
The show enjoys a prime time slot, and it’s website is one of the most used out of any UK TV program.

I contacted the show to see if they would like to feature my story, highlighting my journey, surgery and everything between.
“But you don’t have an embarrassing body Dan?” Was the common response when I told people that I wanted to be on the show.


The fact is that the show does have a certain image due to the revealing and stomach turning cases. Many people watch it to be shocked, but the key is that they become educated. That is why I chose them. My body is not embarrassing, nor am I embarrassed about myself, but I wanted to educate, raise awareness, and meet Dr Christian!

Dr Christian is one of 3 doctors which present the shows and give advice.
He is a muscular man, chiseled jaw line, and a smart dresser.  I am pleased to say that he is as nice when the cameras are not recording.
The experience of having my story documented has been awesome. People always ask “how much do Embarrasing Bodies pay you?” The answer is they don’t. They helped with travel for filming etc, but everyone that gets featured do so to highlight their problems and get help treating it, not for money.
What has also been nice is that the whole team at embarrassing bodies have been great, in particular Niall and Jim who followed me to Ramsgate, London, Birmingham and Brighton to film my surgery, story and marathon.

In many ways I present a story to embarrassing bodies which has already been told.

ericA great man Eric moger was featured last year with a similar condition, however more severe than my own, his level of reconstruction was quite frankly incredible and life changing for him. His story ends happily with being given a prosthetic and marrying the woman who has stood by him throughout his awful journey.

Where my story kind of has echoes of his, my journey continues as I had a prosthetic and had the choice to stay as I was, but I also had the choice to undergo huge surgery to rebuild with tissue rather than silicone.

I have written this in advance of the show, and if I am honest I am really excited, and nervous. I have opened myself up literally, and what I will see on the show remains a bit of a mystery.

I know that if anyone reads this, and tomorrow they face something similar, it won’t stop the fear, but what I do hope is that it will show that there is always hope, and life can go on.
If you or your family is affected by facial cancer or disfigurement then please contact Lets Face It they are a charity that has been there and written the book. Christine set up the charity 30 years ago after her own facial cancer robbed her of her face. It is now an international network of support groups and she is the person that you will talk to if you should call. What an amazing woman.

This whole experience has been life changing, but I still have a life and for that I am eternally grateful. In preparing for the new chapter in my life I have set up and am launching my own brand of eye patches.
“iGoggle” is my brand name, and they go on sale on 1st July. 
This exciting venture is something I am so passionate about, and I hope it does well. However I am now at the point where I have to earn real money (not the dream money I hope I will earn) and I am looking at different jobs.
What I suppose is interesting is that I am not wanting to apply for jobs which I used to do. Is this because I am worried what people will think? Not really I just have different priorities.

I look forward to being normal again. I still have to go to hospital every 2 months for check ups and will do for the next few years. But I have a lot to be thankful for.
I have 4 sons, Dylan, Seth, Harry, and Thom (sues son) and I can finally look forward to seeing them all grow, and help build a life with Sue for all of us, what ever it takes…

Please sponsor me for the British 10k London run 13th July 2014 raising money for lets face it the facial cancer and disfigurement charity I care so much for. Thank you Dan x



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