Lets Face It

Lets Face It is a charity which supports the people and families that have or indeed are suffering from the effects of facial disfigurement and facial cancer. It was created almost 30, years ago by an inspirational lady that had half her face and eye removed due to facial cancer. Christine is the first to admit she did not cope very well. She went on to write a book about her experience and about how supportive her family and friends had been. What happened then was completely unintentional but led to her creating the international support network “Lets Face It

The whole purpose of this blog was to share my experience so that others could see from my experience at least. that as bad as this cancer may be, there is still hope and life after it. In a way it is support, it is a story which head and neck cancer sufferers will appreciate and understand, and offers hope to those that have just been told that life with the face they know and love is going to change forever.

Support is something that I never asked for, and apart from the ongoing monitoring there has been no offer  to give me any. I was made aware of Lets Face It by Sarah who made my new eye, and at first I dismissed it, I wasn’t needing to call someone to talk about myself, so I didn’t.
I contacted Lets Face It because I wanted to offer my experience and see if I too could help make a difference. I spoke to Christine and was invited to come and meet with her and The Local LFI group. I shared my story with the group, all of whom had different forms of facial cancer. Such a great group of people, it is hard to explain but I left feeling totally understood, it made me understand more the power of being connected.

Lets Face It together

I saw that lets face it didn’t have a twitter account, and so offered to create one. I am delighted to say that Christine has accepted my offer and I am implementing a few upgrades to Lets Face It.

The first is to create a Twitter account, and a Blog for LFI. The purpose is to provide mediums to become more interactive and useful to sufferers and their families. It is so important in today’s age of communication and technology to be accessible, interactive and able to promote yourself using the most effective methods. Search for @chrisletsfaceit.

Our aim is to build on Lets Face It’s respected success, Christine has kindly given me the opportunity to become an ambassador for LFI. This means promoting the profile of LFI through Media, Conferences and Schools. I am thrilled and excited to do this for Lets Face It and Christine, to help and support the thousands of people worldwide who need the help, advice and hope this facial cancer support network gives.


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